Monday, 5 March 2012

Summer Lovin'

As one can well imagine, summer time is ‘go time’ for ice creameries, and here at Gundowring we certainly have been frantic over the last couple of months. Christmas, New Year and January all came and went in a flash and here we find ourselves in the first days of March.

The ice cream elves are in full cheer before Christmas

Christmas Plum puddings and Brandy Custards were a great hit. We loved hearing the stories from customers at the farmers markets of how the Puddings were brought to the table with a flourish to the oohs and aahs of duly impressed relatives.

Our Brandy Custard ice cream went well with a traditional Plum Pudding

While on the topic of Farmer’s Markets, weekend weather has not been kind to us. Summer this year was a fickle thing, being either stinking hot or raining cats and dogs. We have enjoyed it nonetheless and met many more of our twitter friends face to face as well as catching up with old regulars, and talked all topics from truffles to trampolines.

Brenda and Stephen making the best of a bad situation!

Truffle tinkering is another thing that has been keeping us busy. We have had our hands dirty with many interesting ingredients, trying to get the perfect flavour from each of them. Some of the things we have putting our minds to are the aforementioned truffle, pumpkin seed oil, fresh mint, fresh basil, banana, and mustard for different chefs and ice cream fiends around the country.

Testing new flavours is one of the perks of the job. Here Iris is trialling a Roasted Banana flavour...YUM!

The cows have been ‘dried off’, getting them ready for calving, so we should expect to be surrounded by bouncing baby calves as soon as the first week of April. We have also taken delivery of a number of large water tanks, just in time to take advantage of the recent rains. Normally the Kiewa Valley is straw brown as the summer heat bakes the pastures; however the welcome rain has kept the valley green through most of the summer. 

A rare day of dry grass, yet calf 4314 is still looking upbeat!

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