Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Gourmet Safari!

The Oxford English Dictionary defines safari as:
Noun (plural safaris): an expedition to observe or hunt animals in their natural habitat, especially in East Africa.

While the East Africa bit is still a little perplexing, the rest of the description fairly accurately depicts what Maeve O’Meara’s groups do in locations not just in Australia, but also around the world (although not East Africa). This was the second time that the Gourmet Safari had been to Gundowring to observe the animals (read: ice cream makers) in their natural habitat (read: dairy farm/homestead).

The expedition gathers to savour the spoils of the hunt as an animal looks on with hope 

We were delighted to host them again as they toured through the Victorian high country seeing the best the region has to offer. It is no wonder that the Gourmet Safaris team chose our region as it is brimming over with incredible products and inspiring people producing them. The group were knowledgeable and interested in not only the ice cream, but in the history of the homestead and the area.

Maeve tucks in to a Gundowring Sticky Date bambini

Thanks to the group that came to the farm and for Maeve and Franca for organising it all, and we are sure that you all enjoyed the entire trip! 

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