Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Eat Thoughtfully

A family weekend in Brisbane was a great chance to find Sourced Grocer and meet Louis and Jerome. It was even better than at we at Gundowring had imagined.  
Sarah, Louis and Jerome
These two young men have gone to great lengths to source produce that meets their ideals of Thoughtful Eating, Pride in Provenance and Loving Local. Food produced by Australians with a passion for what they do.
And clearly, in a very short space of time, Louis and Jerome have drawn a like minded clientele that share their passion for good food.
Josie says "it's the best!"
I spent a wonderful couple of hours with the good people of Teneriffe as they enjoyed Saturday morning at Sourced Grocer. A large happy crowd that was very enthusiastic about sampling Gundowring ice cream. As a producer it is always fantastic to meet people who understand and appreciate what we are doing, and are interested to discuss the finer points of ice cream making, farm based production systems, dairy cows, fresh red rhubarb as well as concerns about climate and water.
I collected a delicious basket of goodies for our family picnic lunch, fresh multigrain bread, olive tapenade, fabulous boozy duck liver pate and a piece of luscious oozing brie. What a treat!
Thanks to the boys and everyone at Sourced Grocer for having me, and thanks to the people of Brisbane for stopping by and talking ice cream. We are sure that this will grow to be an institution and destination for all.

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