Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Churning Online

Imagine waking up to this view. Luckily enough, we here at Gundowring Ice Cream get to do just that, and year in year out, we never tire of it.

We use our own farm fresh milk to hand craft ice cream made from a traditional anglaise and ingredients inspired by the best regional produce. We also used to write a newsletter twice a year with news from the farm and information about new flavours and events. The reason we haven’t printed another edition is that it was primarily a newsletter that was made to hand out at Farmer’s Markets and events. By the time it was written, printed and picked up at the event or market, news was often 6 months old at least.

We decided that all that printing was unnecessary and that we could make better use of time and resources by doing something exciting, electronic and easily updated, hence…the Gundowring Churn Online!

We will be keeping this blog filled with all the fun stuff that normally goes into our newsletter, as well as news, reviews and recipes.

So join us as we bring a little of the Kiewa Valley to the internet!


  1. Hello,
    Such a lovely view, now wonder it inspires such lovely Ice-cream!
    Your Ginger Ice-cream is AMAZING by the way.
    Just had a thought for a new flavour... Pumpkin Pie! That would be incredible...
    Thank you for your frozen deliciousness... it's always a treat, X Stef

  2. Thanks Stef! It certainly does inspire, and the Ginger was one of the first. Pumpkin Pie sounds like a hearty winter flavour, do you have a recipe?